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hello. i want to say that i really enjoy the educational part of the casino and how it itroduces crpto to the population


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so i started an affiliate website and already received my first customer   i was planning on doing some contests from 10 to 1000 challenge in crash and post videos clips on the journey getting their   i was 50 percent finished with the website and then i had the unfortunate event of getting my metamask hacked.  now peculiar as it is it came after i was contacted on bc chat and asked if i wanted to talk on telegrm which i agreed since the person was complimenting my style of play and was interested in finding allies to work with on the challenge and website and then disaster struck my metamask was depleted of my bankroll which i only moved there momentarily before investing in p2e project.  i was frustratedi was emotionally drained i was on lack of sleep and i took it out on a chat box that i didnt see a person on the other end i just saw bc and i let off fireworks upset at getting hacked.   the truth is its my own fault i admit i wasnt esponsible or careful and should of been i could of been   however the instant reactino to just ban my account (yarbles [email protected])    i tried to appeal but nobody responds.  i dont want to start from the begining again and i cant get my user name and the website already has this info.     this is m last attempt at trying to get my account back please if you could give me another chance i dont think i said anything that bad plus i was on lack of no sleep   please please please can you forgve me

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