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bc game bonus scam


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hi i am a lifetime gambler and now lifetime investor in crypto but this platform goes against my true intentions.

i appreciate the gambling choices but my deposit bonus of 100 percent is not for bc game to hold as a threathe against me------this is how i perceive it as i could not gamble my own bonus and only my money------please keep your legal terms to your self in small print we did not deposit to get bonus for you to play the game of lawyer .


so----apparently my bonus could not be used to gamble and then could not even be swapped to any other crypto and further more 1 month after deposit you will lose your bonus. now this is a threathe!


what will you do now==moderators who chose to block me on chat

why you want to use gamblers to lose their money


your big people now try to bann this post



bcgame support====i dont have to contact you but you need to contact me

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This is your fault for not reading the fine print of the deposit bonus. Most deposit bonuses offered by casinos are legitimately terrible offers and require either ridiculous amounts of playthrough or they come with fine print details like these bonuses here on BC. This is true for both fiat online casinos and crypto casinos. It's rare you will find a deposit bonus of value that doesn't have requirements that are ridiculous to be able to withdraw any winnings.

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Not only do I agree but I think these a-holes some of them that they call moderators a power hungry little s*** heads that had no power as children had no power as young adults now that they get a little power they go crazy with it., It is ridiculous to give no recourse to players, who by the way drive this casino fun this casino and are this casino to be able to vent their frustrations and go to a higher Court than these little piss ants. Just got banned from chat the moderator that did it something Yorkie like the little dog was asking for money himself and his excuse was a moderator I could do that well f you Yorkie. I'm assuming you're a limey from across the pond as this time was early in the morning in my book they should be some discretion used  by these dictators what are they going to moderate this too this is how I feel this is what I'm saying go ahead censor it, you commie's, the time is coming but people are getting sick and tired of all the b******* that's been happening in BC I turned my glass upside down in the face of the queen how you like that Yorkie God bless America.

A concerned BC player

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