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خواهش می کنم بازی پلینکو را اصلاح فرمائید بخدا من تا باحال خیلی از دست داده ام همه حقوق خود را که بابت استعلاجی ایام بیماری بود را سرمایه گذاری کردم و همه آنرا از دست دادم و بعد آن پول قرض گرفتم و باز هم همه آنرا از دست دادم و دوباره پول قرض کردم و تابحال سه چهارم آنرا از دست داده ام تنها امیدم به یاری شما می باشد که مرا کمک نمائیدPlease correct Plinko's game God I have so far lost so much money I invested all my sickness rights and lost it all and then borrowed that money and lost it all again.  Lent and borrowed money again and lost three-quarters so far I only hope that you can help me

We apologize for risking our money to win a small amount sometimes, not always losing 100%. Unfortunately, I apologize and apologize here. I was just a loser.  I get mad at your excessive greed, you shed my tears every day. I don't know if you're happy or upset, but I have no choice but to pass this word on to you.  In my work, these are my Plinko movies that are just a drop of the thousands that I've lost

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