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You r so cheap


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I don't have a discussion about scam games, because it's like hammering a nail on an iron, only your hand hurts, but you are a super cheap site that, like all the high-level players you must to support, you remove them in any way and in any way. . If there is no problem in your work, explain and defend yourself, you just say that we are fair.or lock or muted What are you afraid of? All player on this site is under attack of locked and muted why ? 

You are afraid that it will be revealed all player by bigbets on the up of crash list that have win are fake or you afraid about  be revealed all player by big deposit must be locked and pass kyc and then after many times  maybe opened  and you stop vip service muted them live support never open for them you never answer any email from them never send any bonous monthly or weekly  

Until they get tired and leave this environment for example you can see this screen I have deposited 49 Litecoins in three days What did you do? You locked my account and opened it after several days when all the authentication forms were completed. You cut off all the VIP services and bonuses. What do you really think? Use the time and money of others for your benefit


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Ya, this site is the worse and so is their support. They're like we are open to suggestions and making changes but are so full of it. Heck, they had to pay people to leave reviews on trust pilot! 


I deposit over 10,000 this year and wish I would of done it on another site. The bonuses are better and you get way more with a host. 

I,also, love how they make it so the amount giving on the wheel are locked bcd and then couple weeks later they're like we're having a special no more locked bcd. Like, they take away a bonus just so they can be like we're the best here's your bonus back, instead of keeping that one and giving a new temp one. Scam artists lol

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