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Unexplained Removal from Telegram Channel - Can someone explain why or review if it was justified?



[UPDATE: After messaging the Telegram Channel's listed Community Head, she has since reinstated my ability to join the group, however no explanation for the ban has provided and so I've left this post just looking for answers or feedback from others.]


Earlier I believe I was unfairly removed from the BC.Games officlal (English) Telegram channel as the group no longer appears in my list of chat conversations and trying to join the group shows it as being "not accessible."  However, with what I thought to be a full understanding of the rules, I don't know of any rules I would have broken that would constitute suddenly being banned or removed without warning or a mute. It seems likely I may have been inappropriately reported and instant banned without fair process or review.

But if a moderator or admin felt my actions were wrongful, I am simply requesting an explanation so I can learn from my mistakes, because as far as I can tell I didn't break any of the rules. So, regardless of whether or not that would get me unbanned, I just want to know what I did that was considered wrong to be better aware in case there was something I said that was maybe considered offensive but was unaware of.

To be sure, The rules, as provided:


1) Don't spam, harass or be offensive to other users. Also, avoid using CAPS! No one likes to be screamed at!

2) Don't beg or ask for loans, rains, tips and doubling coins

3) No suspicious behavior that can be seen as potential scams

4) Don't engage in any forms of advertising/ trading/ selling/ buying or offering services

5) Don't use URL shorten-er. Always submit the original link

6) Use the designated language chat rooms accordingly

7) Don't tag a tipper/ passive Begging

😎 Don't use Tip/Rains/Coins/Coindrop in your comments 

9) BC Staff member never DM you first also never ask coin or tip

10) Never click on phishing links/Huge Bonus/ Rewards in chat, scammers want to steal your account credential

11) Never share your personal information in chat i.e. personal Contact Number/Personal Wallet Address

12) No bots or slash commands are allowed

13) Make sure you have a  @username ( telegram settings ), you need it to join Challenges

⚠️ Stay polite at all times !

🍀 Respect the rules you will never get ban 🍀

Same rules on BCGame Site."

(Courtesy of Valkryie and updated as of 11/07/2022 accessible normally by typing #rules)


Additional info:

How or when this occurred was right after Flashdrop #390 was announced and people were complaining about how quickly it was deactivated and it being unfair and even going so far as saying things like 'BC.Games is a scam' and all that while, I was responding with my own experiences of delays with telegram notifications in an effort to help diffuse the situation. There was even an attack against me for being the first one to post a #flashdrop screenshot comment as part of an attempt to win the double reward (as instructed in the flashdrop itself), that might've motivated a response from me where, in response to what they said, I wrote as a reply to what another user said that included:


...I just don't appreciate being called a pile of sh*t that's all. [for being the first to comment a response with the #flashdrop hashtag]

So if that was taken out of context and triggered the bot to auto ban me, I can understand it was just a mistake. But AFAIK, usually Rose would make an announcement if I was banned so if I was banned manually by a moderator using /sban (which is a silent ban that deletes user messages) then again, my only hope is to understand what lead that moderator to initiate the ban. I'm not here to argue or debate the action as I'm just trying to learn the perspective that had been taken to lead to such a sudden and outright decision.

Another possible scenario I can think of that has any minute possibility of being considered rude was suggesting that they (referring to those who kept complaining about the drop being deactivated so much faster than normal) could focus more on how they might be more socially fortunate than I am, as a means of diffusing their anger and skepticism towards BC.Games, by stating:


At least you guys have a life that keeps you busy, I was only able to get it so fast because I have no life and I work from home so luckily telegram was up on another monitor and BC.games was already open

Admittedly, maybe it was not the best way to say it or come off, especially when my intention was to defend the reputation of BC.Games and while respecting the validity of their complaints by trying to divert their attention to being grateful for something rather than ungrateful for missing out so that their resentment doesn't fuel them to make false claims against BC.games like they were doing. So it was intended to be a less combative way of responding by downplaying myself rather than someone else but if that was offensive, please feel free to let me know.

So, in comparison to what other people were saying, whose messages were not removed nor were they muted, and whereas I get a full no-warning, removal and all messages deleted, straight up ban, just doesn't make sense or even seem fair to say the least. And that is why I believe that maybe I was falsely reported and automatically removed without a review of what was said or a review of what was being claimed against me? But if I'm wrong, and BC.Games policy dictates my behavior was out of line, then I hope someone would just explain that to me so that I'm aware and can learn from it because until someone does, it just seems like I was banned for trying to tell someone to be grateful that they have a life. Am I wrong or can someone help me see where I'm wrong to deserve a ban?


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