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20 hours ago, Ihvkkihnjwb said:

I enjoy playing even though I mostly lose. They say success is built on failure, so I'm definitely due! I'm uncertain why so many people are negative, but I'm sure if they were winners the negative would turn positive. 

Lol after losing thousands on this site. There's no way to be positive. I can go play the same games on other sites and not get so many dead spins and hit more. 

Customer service is the worse. Earlier this year, I reported a bug with displayed jackpot amounts. I was told it was fine and amount displayed would be paid. I hit one and had a screen recording was told they would not pay the displayed amount. The bug has not been fixed and there's other sites with the same game that displays correct amount. Another time, there was an issue with the weekly bonus. I was told that I didn't wager enough and if I did it wouldn't be a big loss for me. Kind of pouring salt on a would after losing thousands. Later that day the weekly was fixed, turns out there was an issue, and it was 5x the amount support said it would be. I now have to keep track of my wagering. 

Bonuses were lowered. I was told to increase affiliate bonus, but turned out they lowered the commission bonus. 

You get a "dedicated" host the only thing they provided is a loss back bonus, which half the time is denied. At other online and land based casinos, you get free at, gifts, gift cards etc. 


Advice: you are not due. You will not win back money. You will not come close to breaking even. Do not deposit or atleast not much. That's how I got in the hole. Other sites, I never had to deposit and play as much as I did here just to break even, I usually win more than I spent. 

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