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What did you mean you tried your best here towards your tuition fees?

I know sometimes it seems like playing here can help us pay for things we can't normally afford because it offers us a way to quickly multiply what we have earned, but we'll often forget providers of the entertainment are in fact in the business of entertaining and have to generate an income somehow, usually in  the way games are designed and it's unfortunate if perhaps, you've experienced more of what it feels like to be a paying customer than it is to be a lucky guest and experienced the unlucky side of things for yourself, especially if by chance that's the reason why you are hoping for a good Samaritan.

But maybe what you're looking for is not a good Samaritan, because they would actually care for you and offer you an invaluable life lesson by pointing you in the right direction to ensure your understanding of priorities in life and finance were serving your needs as intended but if it's not financial awareness you seek or someone telling you what you may already know and it's more simply financial assistance you seek, then perhaps a generous donor would be more appropriate.

They say if you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you tech him how to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime. In that, it's worth noting that a good Samaritan won't likely give you a fish for a day, but will try to teach you how to fish, is that something you'd still be interested in?

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