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Working bet slip url/link solution for old version of bcgame


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Note: this is only for those bet link posted before the bc.game upgrade on Sept. 30,2022 fm 11:00 a.m. UTC-18:00 PM UTC everything else will be just fine if you made ur bets today.

Hi guys!

I was a bit worried when my bet link isn't working since the new bcgame upgrade but later found out while exploring the new website which is much better than the older version that bcgame just made a slight changes by adding additional sharp symbol # before /sd on ur bet link see below example:

Older version of bcgame bet link:

https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10U2I2PTB1R7YR (won't load)

New version of bcgame bet link by adding the sharp symbol:


Thus, I have to edit  all links to my entry for it to load or just put a note on my posts.


https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10U2I2PTB1R7YR(not working)



https://bc.game/#/sd/?sd=10U2I2PTB1R7YR(working with an additional  # symbol)


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Doesnt work for me☹️


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Do you have any ideas on how to pull up a bet slip for an older bet using the game ID like the one you find under Transactions because of it's age?

For example


Is there any way to create a link using those numbers below the game? i.e. 11497734773

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